About Us

First + Ocean , formally The One Showroom, opened it's doors in 2007 in downtown Los Angeles in the historic  Lady Liberty Building. After realizing that our clients will follow us anywhere, we decided to leave downtown, and open a showroom on the beach. It's the  lifestyle we are all after right? We aren't just a sales agency anymore either. We are now  full service, creative, marketing, branding and sales agency. Leveraging nearly two decades of experience in the fashion industry, we specialize in brand development that is supported by innovative merchandising, comprehensive business development and marketing strategies.  First + Ocean believes in total collaboration throughout the entire creative process.  We work closely with start-ups to develop and launch new collections, as well as established fashion brands wishing to revamp their existing sales/marketing plan in today's challenging platform. Utilizing our extensive and highly curated network of buyers, we know where and how to create brand exposure that results in sales growth, regardless of the season.  We have built brands with a handful of celebrities /influencers as well, including Nicole Richie and Lauren Bushnell. 

We can't wait to work with you!